Dr Oz: Turmeric & Curcumin

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Spice Pharm creates spice-based wellness products. Based in Silicon Valley, California we have developed innovative, first-to-market instant beverage mixes using whole spices and clinically proven botanical extracts in a coconut milk base. Our patent-pending formulas bring "just add water convenience" to the most ancient medicines in the world.  The great taste, pleasurable creaminess and exceptional health benefits of Spice Pharm's spice elixirs make them some of the most exciting new beverage products in years.

Created by a stressed-out tech exec turned Spice Geek, Spice Pharm is born from a deep love for all-natural means of energizing, rejuvenation and vibrant wellness.  Our spice elixirs provide clean sustainable caffeine-free energy, support optimum immune, metabolic and cellular function, and are a delicious alternative to coffee and tea.

We started with a passion for flavor, and found that the most intensely flavored botanicals -- i.e. spices -- have intense health-giving properties as well.  We see this as part of the beauty and wisdom of nature -- the very compounds that impart the strong tastes and aromas also bestow strong bioactive vitality.

We've spent years traveling and exploring cuisines and healing traditions of the world, and are putting our passion to work to create a new enterprise dedicated to natural wellness.

At Spice Pharm, we believe that food is medicine, and that spices are superfoods that help you be proactive about your own health.  We study both ancient traditions and modern scientific studies to bring you effective, delicious all-natural formulas to support your health and well-being.

Spice Pharm was founded by Kitty Wells and Frank Schwartz.  We're pulling together a growing team of wellness and natural foods experts to bring a new kind of pharmacy to fruition.  This pharmacy will sell only all-natural, plant-based formulations, proven safe by thousands of years of healing wisdom and backed with growing reams of research.

Please join us on this journey -- over the next few months, we'll be releasing our first products and educational programs.  Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned as we launch this endeavor!

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